Spring 2018

Couple Carries Out Mission of Faith Through Fund

Orphans visit the site of a new church under construction in Haiti, thanks to the Hoying family.

Though they have never stepped foot on its soil, Dayton Foundation donors Sheri and Jon Hoying have a special place in their hearts for Haiti. Driven by a strong faith, the Hoyings have spent the better part of the last decade helping to build churches in the country, which is located more than 1,600 miles from their Minster, Ohio, home.

“I grew up surrounded by churches, including St. Augustine Catholic Church in downtown Minster that has two steeples with crosses that were built by my grandfather,” said Jon Hoying, president and owner of Fabcor, Inc. “You can feel a real presence of faith throughout my hometown. I want to recreate this environment for others.”

Jon and Sheri Hoying with their eight children

Born and raised Catholic, Sheri and Jon were influenced by their parents’ examples of giving. Jon’s father, in particular, was a devout Catholic who started the Right to Life movement in Minster. A humble man, Jon’s father kept most of his giving out of the limelight, something that the Hoyings have tried to emulate.

“Dad did a lot of things we didn’t know about. I remember a few times that he co-signed on mortgages for several of his employees,” Jon said. “That’s the kind of man he was – someone who helped people without expecting anything in return.”

In 2007, after learning from a friend that Haiti had few churches throughout many parts of its countryside, the Hoyings were inspired to follow their parents’ examples.

“We’ve been blessed and have always felt that our calling is to bring people to the Catholic faith,” Jon said. “In some areas of Haiti, the nearest church might be five or six miles – the equivalent of several hours by foot – from a person’s home. We want to make it easier for people to go to church on Sunday.

“Our CCA allows us to give in the year we want to take the tax deduction, but the flexibility to grant funds later.... [allowing] more of our funds to go toward helping our cause.” – Sheri Hoying, Dayton Foundation donor

”The Hoyings established a Charitable Checking Account℠ (CCA) through The Dayton Foundation in 2007 when they learned that the service makes it easier to accept donations and to give internationally.

“Our CCA allows us to give in the year we want to take the tax deduction, but the flexibility to grant funds later as our projects are complete,” Sheri Hoying said. “This allows more of our funds to go toward helping our cause.”

This Catholic church in Novion, Haiti, was made
possible by the Hoying Foundation Fund.

In March 2008, they completed construction on their first Catholic church in Novion, Haiti. But their work didn’t stop there. They built three more churches from 2009 to 2011 in Bayeux, Gamelle and Galman Dupla, and were able to personally fund the majority of construction expenses by working with product manufacturers and local businesses to secure building materials at cost.

The Hoyings are quick to note that it’s not their work they want recognized but rather their cause. They currently are garnering support for a chapel to be constructed on the campus of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, an orphanage that was created after the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They want people to know that because the need now is so great, they no longer can fund these projects on their own. By spreading the word about their work in Haiti, they are hopeful that others will be inspired to get involved.

“You can’t out give the Lord. No matter how much you give, you get back more in return,” Jon said. “We hope others will join us in bringing faith and places of worship to the people of Haiti.” ❧

Good News is made possible by five Dayton Foundation donors and families who have stepped forward to become the Foundation’s 2016-2017 “I Believe!” Partners. Click here to read their stories.

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