Is My Organization Eligible for an Encore Fellow?

Please take a moment to review the following eligibility qualifications and guidelines to determine whether or not your organization is eligible to be a Host Organization for a Dayton Foundation Del Mar Encore Fellow.

To be eligible for a grant, your organization must:

  • be recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, according to the Internal Revenue Code, and be established for at least two years and have a track record of sustainability,
  • benefit the citizens in the Greater Dayton Region, (Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Darke, Preble and Warren (north) counties),
  • have a diversity/inclusion policy,
  • demonstrate systemic collaboration, and
  • address needs that are not met fully by existing organizational or community resources.


The Foundation gives priority to projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • provide for more efficient use of community resources, promote coordination, cooperation and sharing among organizations and reduce the duplication of services in our community;
  • test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques for solving important community problems;
  • promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement in community affairs; and
  • strengthen not-for-profit agencies and institutions by reducing operating costs, increasing public financial support and/or improving internal management.

Selection criteria for a Del Mar Encore Fellow Host include:

  • The proposal addresses a significant community need.
  • The proposal’s initiative creates systemic change and contributes to the advancement of equity and justice in our community.
  • The goals of the proposal are realistic, achievable and sustainable. SMART: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Relevant and Time-Based.
  • A sufficient level of funding for the initiative beyond DMEF has been adequately identified.
  • The proposal outlines opportunities for collaboration.
  • The proposal outlines how the Fellow will be integrated into the Host Organization’s leadership team.
  • The Host Organization has or can assemble a volunteer pool of experienced, older adults to assist, as needed, with the initiative.
  • Clear roles, responsibilities and performance measures are identified for the Fellow and the expert Encore volunteers assigned to the initiative.
  • The identified Fellowship is not a new or replacement role supporting ongoing operational goals.
  • The expected duration of the initiative is a minimum of one year but no longer than three years. Each year should have clear, concrete deliverables for the Fellow.
  • The initiative is expected to result in an outcome that provides the Host Organization with a lesson learned, a best practice, or a program that is sustainable, post-Fellowship.

Now that you know if your organization is eligible, learn how to submit a Request for Proposal.

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File date: 02.13.20


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