Governing Board

A Governing Board of up to 15 volunteers provides stewardship for The Dayton Foundation and its charitable activities.

These experienced civic leaders are appointed to five-year terms.

The Governing Board also serves as the Board of Trustees for the following related organizations: The Dayton Foundation, Inc., Dayton Foundation Charitable Accounts, Inc., Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc., Dayton Foundation Realty, LLC, and The Greater Dayton Pooled Income Fund (which invests gifts and pays income for life to donors and their beneficiaries).

The Governing Board also appoints at least one representative to the boards of each supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation.

Governing Board (As of January 1, 2021)

Marva Cosby
Marva Cosby, SHRM-SCP, president, Cosby Consulting Group, LLC, chair
David T. Miller
David T. Miller, retired vice president of Finance and CFO, Dayton Children’s, vice chair
Rakesh Arora
Rakesh Arora, CEO, CIC AMERICA Group of Companies
Cassie B. Barlow
Cassie B. Barlow, COO, Southwestern Ohio Council on Higher Education, and retired 88th Air Base Wing and Installation Commander, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Thomas J. Becker
Thomas J. Becker, past CEO, Becker Electric Supply

Janice L. Culver, retired chief fiduciary officer, KeyBank NA, Cleveland

J. Norman Eckstein, retired senior vice president, Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company
George E. Forest
George E. Forest, retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force, and director of logistics, Special Operations Forces Group
William L. Gillispie
William L. Gillispie, retired deputy city manager, City of Dayton
Lisa Hanauer
Lisa E. Hanauer, retired founder and president of MED-PASS, Inc.
Maureen A. Lynch
Maureen A. Lynch, community leader
Anita J. Moore
Anita J. Moore, retired vice president, Human Resources, The Berry Company/AT&T
L. Tony Ortiz
L. Tony Ortiz, Faculty Emeritus, Wright State University
James R. Pancoast
James R. Pancoast, retired president and CEO, Premier Health
James M. Vaughn
James M. Vaughn, vice president of Finance, Taylor Communications, Inc.

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Audit Committee

J. Norman Eckstein, chair; Rakesh Arora, Craig J. Brown, Tom DeRoss, Karl Frydryk, Ellen S. Ireland, David Miller, Samuel Oyebanjo, James M. Vaughn

Development Committee

Lisa E. Hanauer, chair; Thomas J. Becker, Scott Behnken, Belinda Burns, Marva Cosby, Allyson Danis, Mark S. Fornes, Jonathan Hale, Calvin Heard, Stanley Katz, Brady Kress, Regis Lekan, Albert W. Leland, Robin McCall, Shaun P. Nicholson, Nancy Roberson, Vincent Russell, Frank Scott, Jeffrey Winwood

Executive Committee

Marva Cosby, chair; Janice L. Culver, Norman J. Eckstein, George E. Forest, Lisa E. Hanauer, David T. Miller, James R. Pancoast, James M. Vaughn

Finance Committee

James M. Vaughn, chair; Rakesh Arora, Craig J. Brown, Ellen S. Ireland, William T. Lincoln, David T. Miller, Edmund H. Moore, Ratna K. Palakodeti, Chris Shafer

Gift Acceptance Committee

James R. Pancoast, Lisa E. Hanauer

Grants Committee

George E. Forest, chair; Marva Cosby, William L. Gillispie, Lisa E. Hanauer, Ellen Ireland, Valerie Lemmie, Maureen A. Lynch, David T. Miller, Anita J. Moore, L. Tony Ortiz, Dr. Ratna Palakodeti, Richard A. Schultze

Marketing/Public Relations Committee

Janice L. Culver, chair; Cassie B. Barlow, David E. Bowman, John Farrell, Helen E. Jones-Kelley, Gary L. LeRoy, Judy D. McCormick, Scott Murphy, Jamie Schade, Andrew Storar, Betsy B. Whitney, Frank J. Winslow, Laura Woeste

Past Governing Board Members

Charles F. Kettering 1921-25
D. Frank Garland 1921-28
William D. Chamberlin 1921-36
Francis J. McCormick 1921-38
Milton Stern 1921-43
John G. Lowe 1925-27
Donald A. Kohr 1927-58
Ezra M. Kuhns 1928-60
Harry B. Canby 1936-56
H. Beckman Ohmer 1939-41
Charles J. Brennan 1942-62
Jack R. Silverman 1945-46
Samuel L. Finn 1946-58
Edward L. Kohnle 1957-73
Milton H. Wagner 1958-71
David L. Rike 1961-78
William Kuntz 1962-73
Robert A. Stein 1972-73
John E. Moore, Sr. 1972-91
Louis S. Goldman 1973-82
Robert S. Oelman 1974-80
Charles W. Danis 1974-84
Frederick C. Smith 1979-89
Anne S. Greene 1980-90
Jesse Philips 1983-92
Richard F. Glennon, Sr. 1984-98
Lloyd E. Lewis, Jr. 1988-94
Burnell R. Roberts 1989-2000
Thomas J. Danis 1990-99
Charles Abramovitz 1990-01
John W. Berry, Sr. 1991-97
Charles S. Brown 1992-01
Douglas L. Hawthorne 1993-02
Robert S. Neff 1993-02
Caryl D. Philips 1993-02
Betsy B. Whitney 1993-02
Clayton L. Mathile 1994-96
Rajesh K. Soin 1994-01
Estus Smith 1994-02
Paula J. MacIlwaine 1994-04
David R. Holmes 1998-01
Thomas G. Breitenbach 1998-10
John N. Taylor, Jr. 1999-03
Judy D. McCormick 1999-08
Franz J. Hoge 2000-09
Fred C. Setzer, Jr. 2001-10
Laura B. Pannier 2002-06
Charles A. Jones 2002-11
Helen E. Jones-Kelley 2002-14
Fred E. Weber 2002-11
Leo E. Knight, Jr. 2003-07
Jamie King 2003-09
Douglas C. Scholz 2003-12
Richard W. Schwartz 2004-10
Gary L. LeRoy 2004-13
Jerome F. Tatar 2004-15
Vicki D. Pegg 2006-11
Ellen S. Ireland 2005-16
Colleen M. Ryan 2009-18
Craig J. Brown 2009-20
Charles G. Schroeder 2010-16
Ratna Palakodeti, MD 2011-2020
Rick Omlor 2014-18
James R. Pancoast 2011-2022


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File date: 06.24.22

Board Chair

Marva Cosby

– Marva Cosby, Governing Board chair and Foundation donor

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