Donor Stories from the The Dayton Foundation’s 2015-2016 Annual Report

Dream for Tomorrow... Greater Good Through Giving: Agata S. & James D. Schade

Dream for Tomorrow... Change Lives Both Near and Far: Funmilayo O. Adegbile, Ph.D. & Gideon S. Adegbile, M.D.

Dream for Tomorrow... Brighter Future for All: Belinda (Lynn) A. Burns, CPA, JD, CFP

Dream for Tomorrow... Everybody to Become Somebody: Dolores L. & Robert E. Millat

Dream for Tomorrow... Collaboration for a Stronger Community: Terri L. & William D. Duncan

Dream for Tomorrow... Greater Good Through Giving: Agata S. & James D. Schade

Agata S. & James D. SchadeCenterville residents Agata and Jamie Schade don’t just believe in giving to help others. They embrace it wholeheartedly every day and encourage others to do the same.

“What we are doing charitably goes far beyond the two of us,” said Jamie, senior vice president-Wealth Management, senior financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. “I call it the responsibility of success. If you’ve been blessed through what you’ve received, then you should give something back.”

For Agata, who left her native Poland in 2001 to work as an au pair in Oakwood, living a modest lifestyle to provide more for charity is natural and fulfilling.

“I believe in need, not want,” she said. “Imagine that instead of buying an expensive designer dress, you take that money and put it to work through charity. That dress might make me feel pretty for a little while, but then I’ll take it off. The change that money can bring to the life of someone in need is powerful and will give me so much more enjoyment.”

“I hope to one day look back at our contributions to the community and say that in 2016, we were just getting warmed up.” – Centerville resident Jamie Schade

The Schades learned about The Dayton Foundation through Jamie’s parents, Marcy and Don Schade, who were Dayton Foundation “I Believe!’ Partners in 2009-2010. In addition to their Charitable Checking Account,℠ Agata and Jamie recently established two deferred funds, one of which will benefit the Foundation’s unrestricted giving.

“We wanted to make sure our charitable legacy was intact, but we didn’t want to tie the Foundation’s hands in how certain funds should be used,” said Jamie, who serves on the Foundation’s Marketing and Public Relations Committee. “We have one of the best community foundations in the nation, so we need to empower them to continue doing the absolute best for our region. That’s possible by growing their unrestricted assets, which enable the Board to meet community needs at any point in time.”

While the Schades support numerous organizations and causes, Dynamic Catholic, Hospice of Dayton and Therapeutic Riding Institute hold special places in their hearts.

“The staffs’ passion and positive energy for their organizations’ missions are contagious,” Jamie said. “It’s unbelievably satisfying to do what we do, whether it’s volunteering our time, fundraising on their behalf or contributing to help them in their work.”

What are Agata’s and Jamie’s dreams for tomorrow? Said Jamie, “I hope to one day look back at our contributions to the community and say that in 2016, we were just getting warmed up.” Said Agata, “I wish that everyone will see how much more can be done when their money is put to work for the benefit of others.”

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Dream for Tomorrow... Change Lives Both Near and Far: Gideon S. Adegbile, M.D. & Funmilayo O. Adegbile, Ph.D.

Gideon S. Adegbile, M.D. & Funmilayo O.
Adegbile, Ph.D.Although they were both born and raised in Iree, Nigeria, Funmilayo and Gideon Adegbile traveled many miles before their paths finally crossed in the United States in 1999. Their similar backgrounds, Christian beliefs and careers - he as a family medicine physician and she as a clinical pharmacologist - drew them together, and today they call Dayton their home.

“There is a blending of culture, traditions and languages that exists in America, and even Dayton, that you don’t commonly find in most countries,” said Gideon, who now resides in Springboro. “We have the capacity to draw diverse people and take advantage of their skills and knowledge to help us be a stronger community and country.”

Philanthropy is a natural part of the Nigerian culture and the Adegbiles’ Southern Baptist upbringing, according to Gideon. “We always had the mind of giving. My father would literally take the clothes off his back if someone was in need,” he said. “Whatever we have is by God’s grace. It’s not our home. It’s God’s home. We are just his tenants and should share with others.”

“That’s kept us focused,” Funmilayo added. “As we advance in age and knowledge, we truly believe that to whom much is given, much is expected.”

To help fulfill both their spiritual and charitable beliefs, the Adegbiles established a Charitable Checking Account℠ and a donor-advised fund through the African-American Community Fund of The Dayton Foundation.

“As we advance in age and knowledge, we truly believe that to whom much is given, much is expected.” – Springboro resident Funmilayo Adegbile

“The scripture that resonates in our hearts is ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive,’” Funmilayo said. “We are now retired, but through our funds we want to continue to use our knowledge and partner with others to develop healthcare programs and support existing programs that will help people locally and in Nigeria.”

It should come as no surprise that the Adegbiles chose to include the word “agape,” which means the highest form of love, in the names of both of their Foundation funds.

“There are many different types of love,” Gideon explained. “But the love that Jesus describes as ‘agape’ is love that is unconditional. He expects us to love Him and our neighbors. We don’t expect anything back as we treat others as we would be treated - with kindness. That’s the purpose behind our charitable funds.”

What are the Adegbiles’ dreams for tomorrow? Said Funmilayo, “We hope that through our funds, we will make great strides in supporting the people of Dayton, elevating the status of the city and executing healthcare-related programs that give hope to people in Nigeria.”

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Creating a Dayton Foundation fund is easy and can be done in five easy steps. Learn more here.

Dream for Tomorrow... Brighter Future for All: Belinda (Lynn) A. Burns, CPA, JD, CFP

Belinda (Lynn) A. Burns, CPA, JD, CFPTo call Beavercreek resident Lynn Burns’s volunteer work a labor of love would be an understatement. For more than 30 years, she’s opened her heart and her home to the causes she’s most passionate about, especially animals.

“I jokingly refer to my cats as my children, but it’s true. Each one has put a special mark on my heart,” said Lynn, who is serving her second term on SICSA Pet Adoption Center’s Board and is its current treasurer. She also has made countless pet toys to help raise funds for this animal-welfare organization and adopted many stray and abandoned cats over the years.

“It’s important for me to do what I can to make the world a better place, whether it’s with my education, experiences or charitable gifts.” – Beavercreek resident Lynn Burns

Serving people and her community is Lynn’s passion. Growing up as an only child in the small town of Marion, Ohio, Lynn came to Dayton after college to work for one of the “Big Eight” accounting firms, as they were then known.

“Dayton had the appeal of a larger city but still was a place where you could own a home with a yard and be part of a neighborhood,” said Lynn, who now owns Burns Tax Consulting LLC. “I came here alone, and Dayton welcomed me.”

As a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and an Attorney-at-Law, Lynn enjoys helping her clients, which often includes partnering with The Dayton Foundation to fulfill their charitable goals. She opened her personal Charitable Checking Account℠ through the Foundation in 2004 and more recently established a deferred field-of-interest fund to be funded after her passing.

“It’s satisfying to know that when I’m gone, the causes I’ve supported during my life will continue to receive my gifts,” she said. “The Dayton Foundation is one of the best kept secrets in Dayton. They have a long history and will be good stewards of my funds in the future.”

Lynn also has been a longtime volunteer for Dayton Children’s TWIGS (Terrific Women in Giving) and Family Services Association, as well as a member of The Dayton Foundation’s Development Committee.

“It’s important for me to do what I can to make the world a better place, whether it’s with my education, experiences or charitable gifts,” she said. “I’m happy doing this, as it gives my life greater meaning.”

What is Lynn’s dream for tomorrow? “Wouldn’t it be wonderful,” she pondered, “if every child has books, all animals have loving, safe homes, and fewer families face hardships?”

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Want to learn more about how The Dayton Foundation can help you help others? Visit our Who Here Can Help You page for the staff member who can address your specific question or comment.

Dream for Tomorrow... Everybody to Become Somebody: Robert E. & Dolores L. Millat

Robert E. & Dolores L. MillatFor native Daytonians Dee and Bob Millat, giving others a chance to succeed is a shared passion. It’s a sentiment they’ve instilled in their children and grandchildren throughout their 66-year marriage.

“When our kids were small, we’d deliver packages to families in need during the holidays,” said Dee, a former longtime volunteer for Kettering Hospital. “Giving to people who need it is what we feel we should do.”

Empowering others through opportunity also is a culture that Bob has worked hard to create through Millat Industries, a manufacturing supply company he began 50 years ago in a two-car garage in East Dayton. The family business now spans three divisions and employs 200 individuals, including one of their four children and two of their nine grandchildren.

“We give because we get as much out of it as the people who receive it” – Warren County resident Dee Millat.

Another son, Michael, who passed away unexpectedly in 2007 as a result of an automobile accident, was the inspiration behind the company’s motto, “Everybody is Somebody.” A scholarship fund they created through The Dayton Foundation bears his name and has awarded 40 scholarships to date to help employees’ children further their education.

“Mike made a point of learning everyone’s name and getting to know each and every employee,” Bob said. “He would be very proud of the scholarship and what it’s doing for our employees and their families.”

“I think he’d get great satisfaction knowing the good it’s doing to help others go to college,” Dee added. To support other causes and organizations important to them, the Millats established a Charitable Checking Account℠ in 1999.

“It has made our giving so much easier,” Bob said. “We don’t have to keep track of all of our receipts or write and mail checks to every charity.”

For Dee, the reasons are more personal. “We give because we get as much out of it as the people who receive it,” she said. “What can you do with your money, if you can’t do something good?”

What is the Millats’ dream for tomorrow? “Our hope is that our children and grandchildren will perpetuate Mike’s scholarship fund so that it can continue to give others a leg up,” Bob said. “You never know, one of those recipients could be the person who finds a cure for cancer or will change the world for the better. But mostly, we hope they all will live solid lives and become better citizens because they received it.”

Impact Update

Though Robert and Dolores Millat have passed away since this story was first published, their scholarship fund continues on their legacy of helping others succeed. To date, 71 scholarships totaling $152,000 have been awarded to assist children of Millat Industries employees in furthering their education.

To learn how the Charitable Checking Account℠ Service can help you help others, click here.

You also may download our brochures, The Charitable Checking Account℠ Service and Guidelines for Using Your Charitable Checking Account℠.

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Dream for Tomorrow... Collaboration for a Stronger Community: Terri L. & William D. Duncan

Bill DuncanOakwood residents Terri and Bill Duncan have built a life centered on faith and family. The foundation laid at Church of the Cross United Methodist in Kettering, where they met as teenagers, developed in them a sense of service and giving back.

“I give because of the people before me, and I want to give back to the next generation,” said Bill, a Certified Public Accountant and managing shareholder for Thorn Lewis + Duncan. “I consider philanthropy to be a hand up, not a hand out.”

Bill’s commitment to community service began in 1981, when his employer asked him to join the board of trustees of Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley (GESMV).

“Nonprofit organizations need business leaders to donate their time and expertise. It helps your career and your business, and is very rewarding,” Bill said. “Businesses should encourage employees to become involved, because it creates a well-rounded workforce.”

In addition to his role with GESMV, Bill has served on the Oakwood City Council since 2003 and as its mayor since 2010. “The common misconception about local governments is that they don’t work together. I see regional cooperation every day,” Bill said. “In Oakwood, we’ve worked with other communities on many projects that have positively impacted the entire region.”

“I consider philanthropy to be a hand up, not a hand out.” – Oakwood resident Bill Duncan.

The Duncans also are active in their church. Terri, however, modestly prefers to credit her husband for his accomplishments rather than her own. “I feel it’s important to give your time,” Bill said. “But I couldn’t do it without Terri’s support.”

The Duncans use their Charitable Checking AccountSM (CCA) through The Dayton Foundation to support charitable organizations, such as their church and Wright State University (WSU), Bill’s alma mater.

“The CCA is a tax-efficient way to give,” Bill said. “I also recommend it to my clients. If I can help them save on taxes by donating in a high-income year and dispersing the grants in another year, then I’ve done my job.”

Bill’s favorite example of giving happened shortly after graduating with his accounting degree. He donated $25 to WSU’s accounting department along with a company match, for a total of $50.

“The department chair told me I was the first person to donate specifically to them,” Bill said. “They decided to build on that gift, and now hundreds of people and organizations give tens of thousands of dollars annually in scholarships to accounting students. It shows that even the smallest gift can make a difference.”

What is the Duncans’ dream for tomorrow? Said Bill, “I’d love to see a resurgence in Downtown Dayton, with more housing, businesses and entertainment to enrich the experiences of all of our citizens.”

The Dayton Foundation has had a long history of collaborative community leadership that’s helped to strengthen the Dayton Region. Learn more about our track record of effective leadership, stability and results.

For recent news and updates about The Dayton Foundation, read our press releases on line.

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File date: 09.03.2020


Helen Jones-Kelley

“It’s important to me that my children understand just how much their actions can help others, and why they must give back some part of themselves to the community.”
– Helen Jones-Kelley, former Governing Board member and donor, on the Helen and Tom Kelley Family Fund.

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