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Community Impact Endowment Funds Help “Move the Needle” on Critical, Regional Issues

A Community Impact Endowment Fund is an endowed fund that carries little or no restriction on how the income may be used in awarding grants to nonprofit organizations. These unrestricted dollars form the basis of the Foundation’s strategic grantmaking program to strengthen local nonprofits and support community leadership initiatives, both of which have had far-reaching effects in all corners of Greater Dayton. The beauty and strength of these funds is the flexibility that they provide in addressing a broad range of local needs, including future needs that often cannot be anticipated.

From community initiatives helping area youth become successful adults through education, to programs getting homeless men back on their feet. The Dayton Foundation’s discretionary grants to area nonprofits are “moving the needle” on critical issues throughout the Dayton Region. These projects often are innovative, collaborative and dynamic – and have a larger community strategy designed to leverage dollars for the most impact.

The Foundation’s support for these initiatives and projects is made possible thanks to donors who have created Community Impact Endowment Funds or designated a portion of their fund for this purpose.

To learn more about The Dayton Foundation’s current community leadership initiatives, click here or to read about the Foundation’s 100-year history of collaborative community leadership efforts, click here.

Easy and Effective Ways to Create a Community Impact Endowment Fund

  • You may create a current endowed fund or leave a legacy that is 100 percent unrestricted or a portion that is unrestricted.
  • You may designate your endowed fund to be used in a broad area of charitable interest (a “field-of-interest discretionary fund”) such as for the greatest needs for children, education, arts and culture, animals or the environment.
  • If you have a current Foundation donor advised fund or Charitable Checking Account, you may designate the remaining assets in your fund after your passing for unrestricted purposes.
  • Your fund also may be established in your name or a loved one’s name.

To learn about the many ways you can contribute to your current or deferred Community Impact Endowment Fund, click here.

An Investment for Our Community’s Future

Community needs are difficult to anticipate. By establishing a Community Impact Endowment Fund, you can help the Foundation support long-term solutions – today and tomorrow – and make a lasting investment in our community’s future.

To learn more about the benefits of a Community Impact Endowment Fund, call (937) 222-0410 and ask for Michelle Lovely on our Development staff.

More information about The Dayton Foundation’s Community Impact Endowment Funds is available in our brochure, Community Impact Endowment Funds: Have Real Impact for Good in a Rapidly Changing World.

Donors Who Have Established Community Impact Endowment Funds

Gary LeRoy “As a family physician who is native to this area and served on The Dayton Foundation Governing Board, I see every day the needs of our community and the many ways the Foundation makes a difference. The power of The Dayton Foundation is that it supports and helps bring people and groups together to make wonderful things happen.”
Dr. Gary LeRoy, former Dayton Foundation Governing Board chair, who established a deferred Community Impact Endowment Fund

Paul and Susie Weaver “Wherever your passion lies is where you should concentrate your resources. To make the kind of community you want for yourself and generations after you, requires a stretch. It means supporting what you care about at another level. The more you give, the more you get. We really believe that.”
Susie and Paul Weaver, field-of-interest fund donors

Virgina Toulmin “Giving unrestricted funds is a wonderful idea that everyone should consider. My husband, Harry Toulmin, always said one shouldn't try to dictate from the grave. I think the world of The Dayton Foundation, and I know that they will use these dollars wisely. I’m so glad to be doing this for the community that was so good to Harry and me.”
Virginia B. Toulmin, deferred Community Impact Endowment Fund donor

Joyce Bowden “My husband and I chose to establish an unrestricted endowment fund, because we felt that The Dayton Foundation is in a better position than we are to monitor our charitable fund and determine where need is greatest.”
Joyce M. Bowden, a Community Impact Endowment Fund donor

Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter “I have a great affection for my city and want to share my good life with others. The best way I have found is [by establishing an unrestricted fund through] The Dayton Foundation.”
Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter, who established a Community Impact Endowment Fund in 1990 prior to her death

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Michelle Lovely

“We can help you understand what the community needs are, not only today, but tomorrow as well. An unrestricted endowment fund gives helps us meet those needs.”
Michelle Lovely, senior vice president, Development and Donor Services, (937) 225-9948

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