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If you would like general information about The Dayton Foundation, you may call us at (937) 222-0410 or toll free at (877) 222-0410. If you have a specific area of interest, you may want to call one of the following people directly or click on their name to send them an e-mail.

Information about scholarship awards:

Michelle BrownMichelle Brown, community engagement officer – (937) 225-9965
More About Michelle

Information about the grantmaking process, fund management and designated grants:

Deanna ZikiasDeanna Zikias, director, Donor Services – (937) 225-9926
More About Deanna

Information about donor grants and program expenses from invested funds:

Amber JohnsonAmber Johnson, grants program assistant – (937) 225-9946
More About Amber

Information about committee advised funds, donor-initiated fundraising events:

Carrie DalrympleCarrie Dalrymple, community relations program officer – (937) 225-9952
More About Carrie

Information about leadership initiatives:

Barbra StonerockBarbra Stonerock, vice president, community engagement – (937) 225-9951
More About Barbra

Michelle BrownMichelle Brown, community engagement officer – (937) 225-9965
More About Michelle

Information about your Charitable Checking Account:

Alma MatthewsAlma Matthews, Charitable Checking Account Service associate – (937) 225-9930
More About Alma

Lucy BakerLucy Baker, donor services associate – (937) 225-9960
More About Lucy

Information about gifting stock, cash or mutual funds to a Dayton Foundation fund or Charitable Checking AccountSM,:

Tracie Boshears Tracie Boshears, senior staff accountant – (937) 225-9967
More About Tracie

How to establish a Charitable Checking Account or endowment fund, or contribute to an existing fund, information about charitable estate planning/deferred and planned giving, or information about establishing or building endowment programs for not-for-profit organizations:

Michelle LovelyMichelle Lovely, vice president, Development and Donor Services – (937) 225-9948
More About Michelle

Joe BaldasareJoe Baldasare, Chief Development Officer – (937) 225-9954
More About Joe

Information about applying for a Dayton Foundation scholarship:

Michelle BrownMichelle Brown, community engagement officer – (937) 225-9965
More About Michelle

Literature, web site comments, general information about The Dayton Foundation or to request a Foundation speaker for civic/service organizations:

Chris SmithChris Smith, vice president, Marketing and Public Relations – (937) 225-9958
More About Chris

Information about the Foundation’s investment policies:

Steve DarnellSteve Darnell, vice president, Finance – (937) 225-9969
More About Steve

Information about The Dayton Foundation’s overall operations:

Jeanne HolihanJeanne Holihan, vice president, Operations – (937) 225-9962
More About Jeanne

Information about employment openings and volunteer opportunities:

LaTonia McCaneLaTonia McCane, manager of human resources – (937) 225-9963
More About LaTonia

Click here for a complete listing of our staff.

Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program/ Montgomery County Ohio College Promise

Patrick GillPatrick Gill, executive director – (937) 225-9942
More About Patrick

Jenni GuancialeJenni Guanciale, program coordinator – (937) 225-9952
More About Jenni

Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative

Noreen WillhelmNoreen Willhelm, senior fellow – (937) 225-9949
More About Noreen

Physicians Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley

Gerri SheehanGerri Sheehan, executive director – (937) 225-9973
More About Gerri

The Disability Foundation

Greg DarlingGreg Darling, executive director – (937) 225-9939
More About Greg

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Mike Parks

“We can help you help others in the Dayton Region and beyond.” – Michael M. Parks, president

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