Why Partner with The Dayton Foundation?

Partnering with The Dayton Foundation is a win for all parties. Here’s how.

The advisor wins: You receive expert advice – at no cost – from staff at The Dayton Foundation. You continue to stay in the loop with your client relationship. If you meet the investment criteria of The Dayton Foundation, you also may continue to manage your clients' referred assets.

The client wins: Clients receive expert charitable advice. Clients support charities and leave legacies to the community, organizations or causes they care deeply about. Clients can see a positive impact on their current financial picture or in their estate plan by making a charitable gift and paying lower taxes.

The community wins: The community receives additional dollars that benefit area not-for-profit organizations and support important efforts throughout the Dayton Region.

The Dayton Foundation wins: The Foundation serves the community by meeting the needs of donors, advisors and charitable organizations throughout the Dayton Region.

More benefits for professional advisors and clients.

See for yourself what professional advisors have told us about The Dayton Foundation.

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File date: 05.30.23


Michelle Lovely

“Looking for a value-added service to help you when working with clients who have charitable interests? We can help.”
Michelle Lovely, senior vice president, Development and Donor Services, (937) 225-9948

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