Helping You Build a Better Community

Over the past 100 years, The Dayton Foundation and its donors have awarded more than $1 billion to worthy causes in Greater Dayton and beyond. These grants help support and promote arts and culture, health, education, human services and other community-building endeavors. We take pride in supporting the work of local nonprofit organizations through our discretionary grants program and through convening regional leadership to discuss innovative ideas and initiatives to help solve important community issues.

Our staff is here to help you locate additional grantmaking organizations and resources to ultimately help you help others. Let’s work together to build a better Greater Dayton.

We can also help you:

  • make a difference through the Foundation’s discretionary grants program, (see Recent Discretionary Grants)
  • locate other grantmaking organizations or sources of information for and about not-for-profits,
  • build for the future through agency endowment funds, as well as accept gifts other than cash and use charitable vehicles that you currently may not have the ability to administer, (see Endowing Your Organization’s Future) or
  • convene local not-for-profit organizations to discuss and tackle unmet or insufficiently met community needs (see Leadership Initiatives).

The Dayton Foundation takes pride in our partnership with you to help in the important community work that you do.

Learn how we can help you establish an agency endowment fund for your organization’s long-term growth and financial stability.

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File date: 05.30.23


Barbra Stonerock

“Have a question about our discretionary grants process or other resources for your nonprofit? Contact our Grants and Programs department.”
Barbra Stonerock, vice president, Community Engagement, (937) 225-9951

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