Community Impact –
Nonprofit Capacity-Building Partnership

The Nonprofit Capacity-Building Partnership, a collaborative initiative founded in 2021 between the Mathile Family Foundation and The Dayton Foundation, works to strengthen Black-led and Black-serving Montgomery County nonprofits.

When the nation was struck in 2020 with a series of tragic events that once again brought to light the injustices of inequities for African-Americans and other minority populations, The Dayton Foundation and community partners ramped up efforts to create a fair and equitable community for all our region’s citizens. From this work grew the Nonprofit Capacity-Building Partnership, a collaborative leadership initiative between the Mathile Family Foundation and The Dayton Foundation. The initiative’s goal is to strengthen local African-American or majority African-American-serving nonprofit organizations to better address inequities in Montgomery County.

The effort launched in 2021 with a wide-reaching survey, which identified an inaugural cohort of 34 individuals from 21 nonprofits that are in need of greater support to address inequities for the populations they serve. The group regularly meets for training and other professional development opportunities, and members brainstorm resources with other nonprofit professionals whose organizations have similar issues and needs.

The Mathile Family Foundation is pleased to partner with The Dayton Foundation to ensure all nonprofit leaders have equitable access to high-quality, capacity-building resources. We believe the entire Dayton Region benefits when we have a strong, inclusive network of nonprofit organizations meeting the community’s greatest needs.

Kippy Ungerleider
Managing Director for Mathile Family Foundation