Community Impact –
Del Mar Encore Fellows

The Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative is changing the conversation around aging. This initiative is harnessing the talents and expertise of Greater Dayton’s retired or career-transitioning older adults to aid area nonprofits and move the needle on community initiatives.

Since 2017, more than a dozen highly skilled, older adults have been at work in the community as Del Mar Encore Fellows, helping other organizations address significant community issues. Their work has led to the creation of new tools, resources and insights, including:

  • a COVID-19-triggered program to retrain laid-off restaurant workers as personal care aides;
  • new technology to help low-income older adults have increased access to healthcare;
  • a report on the prevalence of low-literacy in our community;
  • increased attention to the digital divide as an impediment to children’s access to learning;
  • the development of new education and employment pathways for early childhood educators; and
  • the establishment of regional age-friendly communities.

Each Fellow receives an annual stipend of $30,000 from The Dayton Foundation and works a part-time, flexible schedule of 20 to 32 hours per week.

Interested in Becoming a Del Mar Encore Fellow?

The Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative is seeking a fellow to work with the Dayton Workforce Coalition, to develop and implement strategies to enhance workforce deve lopment.  Click the button below to learn more.

Organizations that have hosted Fellows include the Area Agency on Aging, PSA 2; Brunner Literacy Center; Dayton Metro Library; Learn to Earn Dayton; NCCJ; Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging; Preschool Promise; Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education; St. Mary Development Center, and more.

The Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative was conceived by Don Ambrose, president of Del Mar Healthcare and advisor to the DMH-Dayton Fund of The Dayton Foundation.


Interested in becoming a Del Mar Encore Fellow? Contact our Senior Fellow Leigh Sempeles at (937) 225-9949 for more information.

Living Longer Resources


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  • Changing the Myths of Aging: An Encore Solution, 2019
  • Encore Career Handbook, by Marci Alboher (Workman, 2013)
  • Encore: Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life, by Marc Freedman (Public Affairs, 2008)
  • How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations, by Marc Freedman (Public Affairs, 2018)
  • Impact Evaluation Report: The Dayton Foundation Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative, July 20, 2022
  • Refire! Don’t Retire, by Ken Blanchard and Morton Shaevitz (Berrett & Koehler, 2015)
  • The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity, by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott (Bloomsbury, 2016)
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  • Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, by Chip Conley (Doubleday, 2018)

Fellows Look to Expand Program’s Reach

Read more about the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative in our Fall/Winter 2022 newsletter, Good News.