Options for Individuals with Disabilities

Inheriting or receiving even minor amounts of money or property may jeopardize an individual with disabilities’ support from Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Disability Foundation, a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation, has options to help you and your family.

The Disability Foundation

Did you know that naming an individual with disabilities in your will could cause him or her to lose Medicaid or SSI benefits?

Governmental benefits also are at risk if the individual with disabilities receives a lump sum of money, such as from a personal injury settlement, back payment from Social Security or even lottery winnings.

Thanks to The Disability Foundation, established in 1998 as a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation, you can help ensure a good quality of life for your loved one with a disability and not have to make the difficult decision to disinherit him or her or risk jeopardizing important entitlements. Today, the foundation offers three pooled, disability trusts that deliver safe and affordable options for individuals and families who wish to provide supplemental services or goods for their loved one without risking Medicaid and/or SSI benefits.

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The Disability Foundaton's staff are happy to talk with you, your attorney or another advisor about this planned giving option.