Audited Financial Statements

As the region’s leading community foundation, The Dayton Foundation is committed to being transparent with our donors, grantees and the community.

We understand the importance of being a responsible steward of our donors’ funds. Each year we employ an independent, professional accounting firm to audit our financial statements. These audited statements are presented to our Governing Board and its Audit Committee for their approval and are available for downloading.

The Dayton Foundation’s federal tax returns (IRS Forms 990 and 990-T) are available upon request.

Audited Financial Statements

Grant Dollars Awarded

2018-19 $51.8M
2019-20 $66.1M
2020-21 $57.9M
2021-22 $67.7M
2022-23 $124.1M

Assets Under Management

2018-19 $639.6M
2019-20 $652.7M
2020-21 $818.7M
2021-22 $1.04B
2022-23 $1.09B

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