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Avni and Rakesh Arora

When Avni and Rakesh Arora moved more than 7,500 miles from their hometown of New Delhi, India, to Beavercreek, Ohio, in 2006, they brought with them a deep tradition of giving inspired by their culture, families and faith.

“Growing up in India, giving is just something you do. We never questioned it,” said Avni, an anesthesiologist at Southview Hospital. “If you have more than what you need, then it doesn’t belong to you. God gave it to you, not to splurge on yourself but to use as a means to help others instead.”

Rakesh Arora, who experienced a similar upbringing as his wife, credits his grandfather for influencing his charitable beliefs. Giving back is a philosophy they’ve tried to instill in their two daughters as well.

“My grandfather taught us that you can give a man a few dollars for something to eat, but that will last him only a few days,” said Rakesh, director of Clincare International Center, Ltd. “The real gift is providing him with the education or means to support himself.”

From volunteering at the India Club of Greater Dayton or Hindu Temple of Dayton, to supporting basic education for children across rural India through Ekal, USA, the Aroras are donating their time and resources to the causes close to their hearts, both locally and in their homeland. To make their charitable giving easier, they established a Charitable Checking AccountSM in 2017 through the Asian-Indian Community Fund (AICF) of The Dayton Foundation.

“The Dayton Foundation is a wonderful platform for charitable giving. No one is pressuring you to give your money anywhere. You can donate where you’d like,” said Rakesh, who also serves as an advisory member of AICF. “I am looking forward to connecting more people to AICF and letting them know about its many benefits.”

The Aroras feel the opportunity to give back comes from being blessed. Anyone can be a changemaker if they are making even the smallest positive impact on the community.

“There are a lot of people in our community who want to help others. If we can connect charitable individuals and our resources to those in need, then it will be our small way of being positive changemakers,” Rakesh said. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”