Brukner Nature Center | River's Edge Wildlife Preserve Informational Kiosk

$1,087 Project Budget | $1,087 Granted

Debra K. Oexmann, Executive Director, (937) 698-6493


Brukner Nature Center is known for its vision of wildlife conservation through environmental education that provides unforgettable wildlife encounters to educate, inspire and encourage outdoor exploration. In 2010, Brukner Nature Center purchased the nearby 70-acre River's Edge Wildlife Preserve to magnify the impact of the original 165-acre nature preserve along the Stillwater River. This north-south corridor provides a rare canopy nesting habitat for birds and other wildlife in a predominantly agricultural region. Many visitors are unaware that River's Edge is part of BNC, and that it includes a beautiful waterfall and views of limestone bluffs. Funds will be used to add an information kiosk to help raise awareness and display hours, hiking trails and various community engagement opportunities.