Hatch Architects Design Center | Design-Build Workshop in Northwest Dayton

$7,500 Project Budget | $7,500 Granted

Alexandra Bohler, Board Chair, (937) 802-8720


Hatch Architects Design Center’s mission is to enhance the community by sharing knowledge and design skills with students while also improving our built environment. The organization focuses on increasing diversity in architecture by growing awareness and engaging in activities during childhood. Since 2021, Hatch has led several K-12 workshops centered on architecture and design and brought hands-on activities to four summer programs, introducing architecture to most of the students for the first time. In the summer of 2022, the organization offered programming at eight locations, reaching 255 students, nearly 75 percent of whom identify as Black. Funding will be used to offer a six-week program for Omega CDC’s Camp HOPE Freedom School students at Fairview Elementary to design and build an architectural element for the community.