A Force for Good

Maleszewski Springboro residents Heather and Jesse Maleszewski find joy in supporting their community. Although they once considered leaving for better professional opportunities, they chose to stay close to home and share their blessings with neighbors in need.

“Seeing the region rebound from its challenges over the years to build a new, vibrant workforce and support each other through difficulties and heartaches, all while being near friends and family, has been a delightful part of our lives,” said Jesse, cofounder of Evolutionary Health Solutions, LLC and Sand Hill, Inc. “Contributing in our small way to broader revitalization has been gratifying.”

The organizations they support through their Dayton Foundation Donor-Advised Fund are near and dear to their hearts. The couple’s twins spent two weeks in the NICU at Dayton Children’s when they were born in 2019, prompting them to help fund equipment and other needs for the hospital.

“It’s such a scary situation when you have a sick child in the hospital. Knowing there is such an astonishing resource in Dayton, with state-of-the-art equipment to help children in need, provides peace of mind that your child is in good hands,” said Heather, chief operating officer of Sand Hill, Inc.

They also support The Dayton Compassion Church, a local Rwandan refugee church,where Jesse serves as president. The church helps members learn how to live within and understand the American culture.

“Many of them have been through some of the most horrible situations due to witnessing genocide or their experiences in refugee camps,” Jesse said. “Despite these horrific challenges, our members are some the most joyous and thankful individuals. We’re happy to call them our friends and family.”

The Maleszewskis feel it is important to demonstrate charitable giving to their twins as they grow up and often involve them in giving through their church, visiting patients at Dayton Children’s or making baked goods for neighbors and friends in need.

“Supporting people, who find themselves in the circumstance of need and are striving to make their lives better, is the perfect way to help in the short term,” Heather said. “In the long term, hopefully, those people will find themselves in the position to give, not just with money, but with time, love, hope, etc. This will help us to build the momentum toward a better future.”

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File date: 06.07.23


Charles Simms

“You get a good feeling giving to the community through The Dayton Foundation and knowing that you're inspiring future generations.”
– Charles Simms, CEO of Simms Management Corporation and Dayton Foundation Endowment fund donor

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