Sunlight Village | The Healthy Family Market

$1,375,932 Project Budget | $75,000 Granted



West Dayton’s primarily Black neighborhoods, most notably zip codes 45417 and 45402, suffer from a lack of opportunity, including access to affordable and healthy food. Approximately 70 percent of households in these zip codes are led by single women, and 46 percent of households have children under the age of six. Food insecurity rates in these neighborhoods are more than 30 percent above the national average. The scarcity of healthy food perpetuates poor health outcomes, most notably higher than average infant mortality rates, in these low-income Black communities. New and expectant mothers often lack access to nutritional food needed to support positive health outcomes. To address these challenges, the organization is seeking funds to create the Healthy Family Market. The Market will provide the West Dayton community, specifically low-income women and young children, with convenient access to nutritious, affordable, fresh and high-quality food products that support health and wellness.