Wild Hearts African Farm | Education Center

$900,000 Project Budget | $75,000 Granted

Amanda Badger, Executive Director, (937) 416-5520


Wild Hearts African Farm is a unique farm where visitors learn about animals from all over the world while taking a guided hiking tour to feed, touch and watch animals during their training and feeding times. Funds will support a new, 27-acre Education Center, including an EcoDome (a greenhouse-like structure for animals and plants), 16 acres of pastures, a STEM barn, livestock buildings and five acres of cropland. The Center will serve as a museum, cultural center, zoo, farm and, most importantly, a hub for education and learning. By focusing on holistic conservation activities, the Center will move beyond traditional farm and zoo experiences by including discussions on water quality, sustainable agriculture and endangered animals to draw clear connections between the dynamic parts of global ecosystems.