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Futures Spring 2008 Futures is The Dayton Foundation’s award-winning newsletter for estate planners and financial advisors.

Authored by respected professional legal and financial advisors in our community, each issue of Futures features a particular charitable giving vehicle, along with helpful case examples.

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Assisting Clients in the Charitable Giving Discussion with Children,

By Vincent L. Russell, Principal & Portfolio Manager, Johnson Investment Council

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Vincent L. Russell has more than 22 years of experience in wealth advisory services for families and business owners. He also serves nonprofit organizations with their investment and asset management needs.

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Vincent L. Russel

“The [Dayton]Foundation offers a variety of fund options... that provide opportunities for parents and grandparents to involve children and other family members in the giving process, now and in the future.” – Vincent L. Russell, Principal & Portfolio Manager, Johnson Investment Counsel

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