Asian-Indian Community Fund

The Asian-Indian Community Fund (AICF) of The Dayton Foundation serves as an umbrella to charitable funds that facilitate the giving interests of Greater Dayton's Asian-Indian community. The Foundation’s charitable-giving expertise can help enhance your family's culture of philanthropy, while providing a lasting legacy for future generations.

AICF offers Asian-Indians an opportunity to establish individual, named funds that, when positioned together under AICF, make a larger philanthropic impact in the Greater Dayton region. Each fund within AICF is independent, allowing you to recommend how contributions to your fund are distributed.

Through AICF and the marketing efforts of The Dayton Foundation, you also have an opportunity to receive greater recognition for your charitable contributions, or you may choose to remain anonymous. The Foundation regularly shares the stories of its donors and the impact of their funds in Foundation publications, website and other media.

Benefits to Opening a Fund Under the Asian-Indian Community Fund

  • Streamline your giving, whether locally, nationally or internationally
  • Time charitable gifts for greatest tax benefit
  • Eliminate capital gains on donated stock
  • Personalize your fund name or remain anonymous
  • Eliminate the need for multiple receipts at tax time
  • Award grants online
  • Free or minimal fees
  • Create a fund now or as part of an estate plan

Charitable Fund Options

  • Charitable Checking AccountSM Service: a free, donor-directed service for primarily short-term charitable giving
  • Endowed and Non-Endowed Funds: Donor-Advised, Donor-Designated, Scholarship, Field-of-Interest and Community Impact Endowment (unrestricted)
  • Private Foundation Alternatives: Family Foundation PlusSM, a first-in-the-nation service that offers many of the advantages of a private foundation, without the expense or administrative hassle, and Family Foundation Plus-Advised (existing private foundation transfer)

To open a fund under the AICF, click here.

For more information about establishing a fund through AICF, please contact Michelle Lovely, senior vice president of Development and Donor Services.

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File date: 06.01.2023


Michelle Lovely

“The Dayton Foundation can connect you to the community and broaden your horizons on the needs in our region.”
- Michelle Lovely, senior vice president, Development and Donor Services, (937) 225-9948

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