Be In the "Know" with a Charitable Checking AccountSM
– A Simple, Effective Way to Give

You've heard the phrase, "You don't know what you don't know." In a recent survey of community members, we learned that many Greater Daytonians understand The Dayton Foundation and its 4,000 donors work to benefit the community, however there's still a population who know very little about the Foundation and how we help people like you help others.

We encourage you to be in the "know" about a free service that helps you make the most of your charitable dollars, the Charitable Checking Account. Whether you're gifting appreciated stock to avoid capital gains taxes when the market is high or "bunching" charitable donations to earn a tax break in one year while distributing the assets over multiple years, a free Charitable Checking Account is a great solution for all your charitable giving needs.

No minimum deposit or balance is required, and you can give online to charities of your choice – locally and around the world. The CCA service helps you make the most of your charitable dollars and maximize your tax benefits. We take care of the details so you can focus on what really matters – supporting the causes you care about most.

To open a Charitable Checking Account online now, click here.

Other benefits of the Charitable Checking Account Service:

  • Flexibility: deposit assets in the tax year when you need a charitable deduction, with the flexibility to direct grants to your favorite charities anytime you wish;
  • Ability to use a variety of assets: fund your account with gifts of cash, appreciated securities or more complex contributions;
  • Increased tax advantages: donate appreciated assets to your CCA, avoiding long-term capital gains taxes;
  • Personalized, professional support: a staff of charitable giving experts available at the Foundation to facilitate your gift and grant needs;
  • Ease of use: 24/7 secure, online access to account information and gift history, plus make gifts and grants online;
  • Simplified tax reporting: hassle-free record keeping and tax reporting, with quarterly and year-end statements detailing all account activity;
  • Give anonymously, if you choose: grants can be made in your name or anonymously; and
  • It’s free! No minimum deposit or balance required and no fees.

To learn more about how the CCA Service can help you help others, contact Michelle Lovely at (937) 225-9948.

Acrobat PDF fileMore information about The Dayton Foundation’s Charitable Checking Account℠ Service is available in our brochures, The Charitable Checking Account℠ Service and in Guidelines for Using Your Charitable Checking Account℠.

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File date: 10.26.2023


Michelle Lovely

“The Charitable Checking Account Service is a time-saving, convenient and tax-wise option for making regular and unexpected gifts to charity. Plus, you can instruct reoccuring gifts on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.”
Michelle Lovely, senior vice president, Development and Donor Services, (937) 225-9948

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