Centerville-Washington Foundation Funds

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Centerville-Washington Foundation Fund –1998 will provide for cultural enhancement and improvement of life in the community. The foundation's leadership ensures fulfillment of donor wishes. The fund provides support when public funding is not readily available for these purposes.

Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society Fund – 1999 will collect, preserve and promote the history of Centerville and Washington Township. The initial gift came from C.L. Stingley, a Centerville-Washington Township educator and community leader.

Kelchner Family Foundation Fund – 2016 advances the charitable interests of the Kelchner family. Established by Lisa and Todd Kelchner, the fund serves to support nonprofit organizations that provide opportunities for others to improve their lives through exchange charity and economic development.

Mark Andrew Kreusch Memorial Fund – 2008 celebrates the memory and spirit of Mark Kreusch, the four-year-old son of Jon and Suzanne Kreusch, whose life was taken unexpectedly in 2007. The fund will enrich the lives of children by investing in programs, facilities and services that help children grow, learn and play in a safe and healthy environment.

Dorothy R. Yeck Endowment Fund for the Arts at Woodbourne Library – 2000 will ensure continued enrichment of art programs for library patrons. Dorothy "Dottie" Yeck, a former board member and president for the library, and her husband, William, were longtime supporters of the Woodbourne Library in Centerville.

Dottie Yeck Children's Fund for Arts Experiences – 2006 sets aside annual funds for St. George's Episcopal Church in Dayton, to help children enjoy activities centered on creating and experiencing the arts. The late Bill Yeck, along with his sons, Robert and David, established the fund in honor of his wife, Dottie. Bill and Dottie were founding members of the church.

The Dorothy R. Yeck Good Life Competition Endowment Fund – 2006 sponsors the Dottie Yeck Good Life Award for youth who exemplify the admirable qualities and values of Dorothy Yeck. This annual award encourages young people to get a head start in life and to develop a plan, based upon good deeds, having fun and being happy, that will help them succeed in their teenage years.

While the size and purpose of each fund is different, our donors share the same goal – to make a difference.

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