Some Charitable Opportunities Where We Can Help You Help Your Clients

Significant giving opportunities often arise when charitably minded clients are making major business, personal and financial decisions. While the Foundation does not practice law or offer tax advice, our staff can work with you to develop the best charitable solutions for your clients. We also can run illustrations for you to use with your clients.

Following are some typical situations where a call to The Dayton Foundation would be of value. These are only a few examples.

1. Your client has issues involving year-end tax planning, especially when a tax deduction is needed in one year, but charitable gifting will occur in another year.

2. Help is needed in preserving an estate or reducing estate taxes.

3. Assistance is needed to show how such methods as charitable life income gifts can enhance your client’s retirement plan.

4. When your client says he/she wants to establish a private foundation, the Foundation’s alternatives may provide major economic advantages.

5. Your client owns closely held stock and wants to use it to make charitable gifts.

6. Your client has appreciated stock and wishes to benefit multiple charities, or the charities he/she wishes to benefit are too small to accept direct stock gifts.

7. Your client owns highly appreciated stock in a business that may soon be sold. The Foundation can work with you on ways to structure a charitable gift to help the client reduce capital gains taxes and maximize charitable impact. Gifting of business interest must be done prior to a sale agreement to maximize the tax benefits.

8. Your clients wants help with strategic giving and can benefit from the advice of the Foundation’s grantmaking experts to have the greatest community impact.

9. Your client has an overfunded retirement plan or substantial IRA/401(k) assets that have become an estate planning issue. The Foundation can work with you and your client’s other advisors to provide information to help the client evaluate the most beneficial asset distribution to potentially minimize taxes, give more to heirs and preserve charitable intent.

10. Your client wants to establish a scholarship fund or a fund for some special purpose, but he/she needs help in how to set this up and maintain it.

More benefits for professional advisors and clients.

See for yourself what professional advisors have told us about The Dayton Foundation.

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File date: 05.30.23


Michelle Lovely

“Any client with an interest in charity may benefit from one of the many Dayton Foundation services. To learn more, call us at (937) 222-0410.”
Michelle Lovely, senior vice president, Development and Donor Services, (937) 225-9948

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