Spring 2022

Connections provides information about Foundation initiatives and new programs and continuing needs of local charities. Listed within this issue are those organizations that received a discretionary grant during the last several discretionary and Greenlight Grant℠ cycles.

All of these organizations have been researched by our Community Engagement Department, and a summary of their grant proposals is included. 

As you may see, for many of these requests, we were able to fund only to a certain level. The organizations may still have needs associated with their specified programs. If you would like additional information about these programs or to support other important work, please feel free to contact the charities directly.

Discretionary Grants

Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice | Mary’s Way Biking & Walking Trail
$850,000 Project Budget | $25,000 Granted

Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice

Agraria’s mission is to cultivate community resilience by modeling regenerative practices that restore ecosystem health, heal relationships with the land and grow just and equitable food systems. Funds will be used to support the construction of a bike and walking trail that connects Agraria with the Village of Yellow Springs and the existing network of bike paths in Ohio. This trail will provide an alternative transportation corridor to the 128-acre farm, enabling cyclists and pedestrians, including older adults, people with mobility issues and students, to safely access recreational, conservation and educational activities on Agraria.

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Susan Jennings, Executive Director, (937) 767-2862

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton | Capacity Building - Resource Development
$119,000 Project Budget | $21,250 Granted

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton is focused on inspiring, developing and helping young people to reach their full potential by providing access to a world-class club experience. While BGCD has made significant progress with an all-volunteer driven effort to build capacity, having a robust ongoing fund development program with a dedicated staff position will help the organization achieve long-term sustainability. Funds will be used to hire its first resource development professional to help strengthen current donor relationships, build new relationships and strengthen the financial sustainability of the organization as well as its programming.

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Tara Marlow, CEO, (937) 262-8377

Clothes That Work | New Mobile Outreach Initiative
$50,000 Project Budget | $12,500 Granted

Clothes That Work

Clothes That Work provides professional clothing, image counseling and training for job seekers in Montgomery County. Many job seekers cannot access CTW’s services because of lack of transportation and financial barriers. CTW is launching a mobile client services program and will construct a vehicle to house an inventory of work-appropriate clothing, two dressing rooms and a small client meeting space. The organization is seeking funds for the new mobile outreach initiative to eliminate various obstacles that prevent job-seeking adults from accessing services.

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Cindy Garner, Executive Director, (937) 222-3778

The Co | Relocation to the Arcade and Expanded Education and Public Programs
$1,695,000 Project Budget | $25,000 Granted

The Contemporary Dayton is the region’s contemporary art center. The Co produces and presents original exhibitions, programs and art events featuring artists living and working in Ohio and beyond whose work focuses on issues of social justice. Funds were used to support construction-related costs at its new location, the Dayton Arcade. The construction will help the organization double its exhibition space, serve more visitors and local artists annually and increase capacity for growth and sustainability. The addition of artists-in-residence, teen, family and health and human services programs, and a dedicated local artist and video gallery and retail store will support some of the most exciting and innovative arts programming happening today.

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Eva Buttacavoli, Executive Director, (937) 224-3822

Co-op Dayton-Greater Dayton Union Cooperative Initiative | Westside Makerspace
$536,000 Project Budget | $75,000 Granted

Co-op Dayton-Greater Dayton
Union Cooperative Initiative

At present, 31% of working age adults in West Dayton live in poverty. With the decline in manufacturing and the rise in lower wage service industries, 58% of adults working full time earn less than a living wage. The Westside Makerspace cooperative presents a unique vision to build the skilled workforce and create a strong economic infrastructure in West Dayton. Funds will be used to launch its pilot space in the new West Dayton branch library. As one of the first makerspaces in the country with Black founders, a range of hands-on project-based courses will be offered for the community to explore and pursue a variety of interests including manufacturing, building, coding, designing, making and crafting.

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Lela Klein, Executive Director, (607) 339-6378

Dayton Society of Natural History | Bieser Room of Wonders Renovation
$1.5 million Project Budget | $75,000 Granted

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Dayton Society of Natural History strives to create and provide meaningful and entertaining learning experiences for curious minds to engage with natural history, science and nature, while honoring and preserving collections for future generations. The organization is seeking support for the Bieser Room of Wonders, which is a new exhibit hall at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. The project will focus on creating a visual storage exhibition that makes the collection accessible at unprecedented levels on multiple platforms in order to enhance both its educational impact and research value. It will provide an outlet for the general public, academic researchers and students to use the collection both internally and externally in a new and exciting way.

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Tracey Tomme, President and CEO, (937) 275-7431

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio | Capital Improvements at Camp Whip Poor Will
$1.1 million Project Budget | $75,000

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

As the largest Girl Scout council in the state, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is shaping Ohio’s future female leaders. Every Girl Scout is taught to know her self-worth, advocate for herself and others and take action to improve the world. Outdoor education is critical to the Girl Scout leadership experience. Funds will be used to construct a Green Program Shelter which will include sustainable energy features, a community garden and a green careers learning station at Camp Whip Poor Will. This program shelter and its related components will help ensure the sustainability of the camp’s natural environment and enable girls to learn about STEM and environmental topics such as biology, ecology, environmental science, solar energy and sustainable agriculture and technology.

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Roni Luckenbill, CEO, (888) 350-5090

Good Neighbor House | Good Neighbor House Expansion: Growing to Meet the Challenge
$1.25 million Project Budget | $75,000 Granted

Good Neighbor House

Good Neighbor House offers a full range of human and health services including medical, dental and vision services to the working uninsured community, as well as health education and screenings to underserved families. Increases in unemployment, loss of health insurance and the closing of a local charitable clinic and pharmacy have significantly increased the patient volume at the Good Neighbor House clinic. The organization is seeking funds to expand their current space to include six exam rooms, a lab, a dispensary, a wellness and physical therapy room and a counseling office. Patients will receive life-changing and life-saving medical and dental care in one location, including chronic illness management, free prescribed medications, bridge and crown services, basic blood work, personal counseling and other services.

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Michelle Collier, Executive Director, (937) 224-3003

Learning Tree Farm | Bank Barn – Expanding Nature Based Programs and Farm Assets
$45,500 Project Budget | $11,375 Granted

Learning Tree Farm serves children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds through nature-based field trips, ongoing community programs, events and Nature Preschool. The bank barn currently stores farm equipment. The organization is seeking funds to build an equipment barn so that it can hold programming and events in the bank barn instead, to increase accessibility for people with mobility disabilities and generate additional revenue.

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Heather Ritter, Executive Director, (937) 543-2406

Miami Valley Meals | Capital Expansion Campaign
$189,000 Project Budget | $39,000 Granted

Miami Valley Meals distributes free chef-prepared meals in bulk through organizations that feed the individuals and families who may not have the resources or time to cook full meals. The organization is lacking storage space to accommodate increase in demand for prepared meals. Funds will be used to purchase a new walk-in freezer for additional meal storage.

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Amanda DeLotelle, Executive Director, (937) 938-7141

Overfield Tavern Museum | Overfield Tavern Museum Repairs
$153,000 Project Budget | $25,000 Granted

Overfield Tavern Museum

The Overfield Tavern Museum is a two-story, hewn-log building constructed by Benjamin Overfield in 1808. It is the oldest surviving structure in Troy, Ohio, and served as the town’s first courthouse as well as a tavern and general gathering place for the community. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 for its historical and architectural significance and is one of only two surviving log buildings in Ohio to serve as a county courthouse. The tavern, which has never been moved from its original location, now serves as a museum containing a superb collection of early 19th century furniture, textiles, household items, decorative arts and other artifacts that reflect the pre-canal period in the Miami Valley. The museum is open to the public and school groups for tours and educational programming. The organization is seeking funds to repair the historic log building in order to improve the structural integrity and overall condition of the museum, protect its irreplaceable artifacts, safely offer historical programming and services to students and visitors, and preserve the building for future generations.

Donate Through Your Fund

M. Chris Manning, Executive Director, (937) 335-4019

Greenlight Grants

Dayton Peace Museum | Peace Heroes Stories Digital Exhibit Experience
$9,500 Project Budget | $4,000 Granted

Dayton Peace Museum

The Dayton International Peace Museum raises awareness of nonviolent strategies for achieving peace now and in the future through education and collaboration. Funds will be used to digitize the Peace Heroes Stories in a permanent exhibit to create a dynamic and interactive experience at the museum’s new location. Digitizing the Peace Heroes exhibit is part of a larger museum strategy and will allow museum visitors to watch, listen and read about activists of all ages and backgrounds. It also will create an archive of stories for future generations without requiring excessive amounts of physical storage space. The exhibit will include two interactive touchscreens, with one displayed at a height that allows individuals in wheelchairs to engage independently and visitors who wish to view seated may do so.

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Kevin Kelly, Executive Director, (937) 227-3223

Fisher-Nightingale Houses, Inc. | Storage Building for Dayton VA Medical Center Fisher House
$9,169 Project Budget | $4,500 Granted

Fisher-Nightingale Houses

The Fisher Houses are compassionate care homes with a mission to support wounded, injured and ill military men and women and their families who receive inpatient or outpatient treatment at the Dayton VA Medical Center or the Wright-Patterson Medical Center. Fisher Houses are constructed primarily to support the needs of the families, thus, have very limited storage capacity. The organization received funds to build a storage building for everyday supplies and other essential equipment.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly

Chris Stanley, Executive Director, (937) 672-8724

4C for Children | Miami Valley Office and Childcare Provider Training Center Relocation
$56,000 Project Budget | $5,000 Granted

4C for Children

4C for Children helps families locate and evaluate early care and education programs for children, provides training and coaching for childcare providers and works to increase the supply and quality of childcare programs in the community. Funds will be used for furnishings and equipment for its new location in order to continue providing training and other services to the people it serves.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Vanessa Freytag, CEO, (513) 758-1209

Isaiah’s Place Inc. | Calming Strategies for Children in Foster Care
$1,984 Project Budget | $1,984 Granted

Isaiah’s Place Inc.

Isaiah’s Place is a therapeutic foster care agency that connects, nurtures and restores children and families through foster care, adoption support and trauma-focused behavioral and mental health services. The children it serves often need help in self-regulating themselves back to a state of calm. Based on the feedback received from foster parents, a few tools have been identified that can be used to support the children’s needs. The organization received funds to purchase books and sensory items that can help children self-regulate when in a heightened state of emotion.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Robby Lybarger, Development Coordinator, (937) 335-3701

League of Women’s Voters of the Greater Dayton Area | Increased Efficiency and Capacity
$1,277.30 Project Budget | $960 Granted

The League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area is a political, nonpartisan organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. LWVGDA works to increase understanding of public policy through education and advocacy by encouraging citizens to be involved in democracy. The League received funds to increase the capacity and efficiency of its data storage system.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Christine Corba, Executive Director, (937) 228-4041

Miamisburg Historical Society | Desktop Conversion Scanner for Roll Film and Microfiche
$9,000 Project Budget | $3,500 Granted

Miamisburg Historical Society

The Miamisburg Historical Society focuses on discovering roots and preserving the city’s history. The Society’s new location holds more than 18,000 artifacts. The organization received funds to purchase a state-of-the-art scanner that has the capability to read, scan and print all film styles and convert and digitize old film reels. The scanner will allow patrons and visitors to access materials otherwise unavailable to the public.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Judy Wuerstl, Executive Director, (937) 859-5000

Operation 2000 Cherry Trees | Operation 2000 Cherry Trees
$150,000 Project Budget | $2,580 Granted

Operation 2000 Cherry Trees

The Operation 1000 Cherry Trees project began in 2012 to show the gratitude of the Japanese people for the generosity of the Greater Dayton community during the devastating tsunami that caused 19,000 deaths and left more than 400,000 people homeless. After reaching the initial goal of planting 1,000 cherry trees, the program goal has expanded to 2,000 cherry trees. The organization received funds to purchase and plant cherry trees to create a cherry blossom trail from the Dayton Art Institute to Carillon Historical Park.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Alex Hara, Board Chair, (937) 475-3300

Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development | Neuro-educational Classroom Activities
$532 Project Budget | $532 Granted

Rehabilitation Center for
Neurological Development

The Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development provides neurodevelopmental, neuro-educational and wellness programs to children and adults with a brain injury to help them achieve their maximum potentials. The organization received funds for neuroeducational classroom activities that focus on various sensory needs of clients with an array of disabilities. The activities will help address oral-motor, fine-motor, gross-motor, vision and cognitive skills of the special needs populations it serves through a series of individually designed neurologically based exercises.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Carla Bertke, Executive Director, (937) 773-7630

Senior Resource Connection | Meals on Wheels Insulated Delivery Bags
$9,500 Project Budget | $5,000 Granted

Senior Resrouce Connection

The Senior Resource Connection provides services that support seniors and adults with special needs in maintaining quality, independent lives by enabling them to live at home or with their caregivers for as long as safely possible. The organization’s Meals on Wheels program delivers over 2,500 hot meals daily. However, many of the drivers use their personal vehicles for delivery and do not have equipment to keep meals warm during the delivery process. The organization received funds to purchase insulated food bags to hold temperatures for approximately four hours during route delivery.

Donate Through Your Fund Donate Directly/

Charles Komp, President, (937) 223-8246

Trinity Community at Miami Township | University Circle
$10,000 Project Budget | $3,000 Granted

Trinity Community

Trinity Community at Miami Township is one of the four United Church Homes senior living communities in the Dayton area. The organization received funds to offer engaging and innovative programming for its residents to experience diverse aspects of life. The residents will participate in real-time interactive presentations that will take them on an educational journey, including simulated activities of traveling to a cultural space, around the globe or back in time to explore historical events. The programming will help decrease isolation and increase social interaction by engaging residents in a more diverse, creative and educational environment.

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Gloria Hurwitz, Vice President of Advancement, (740) 751-8702

YES! For Youth | Technology Update
$9,000 Project Budget | $5,000 Granted

YES! For Youth

YES! For Youth is a youth employment and training provider in Montgomery County with a mission of preparing youth with knowledge and skills in order to successfully transition from a diploma to a career. Funds will be used to purchase a network server system to securely back up and archive data, securely access data from remote locations, increase capacity for data storage and virtual training content and provide GED tutorial and IT training certificate programs.

Donate Through Your Fund

John McConnell, Executive Director, (937) 275-1874

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