Summer 2018

Connections provides information about community initiatives, new programs and nonprofit organizations that recently received a discretionary grant from The Dayton Foundation. Also included in this edition are recently awarded Greenlight Grants, which are small grants awarded to help local nonprofits in need of quick funding to help their project come to fruition. 

All of these organizations have been researched by our Grants Department, and a summary of their grant proposals is included. 

As you may see, for many of these requests, we were able to fund only to a certain level. The organizations may still have needs associated with their specified programs.

If you would like additional information about these programs, please feel free to contact the charities directly.

Discretionary Grants

The Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions | Agraria Education Center for Regenerating Landscapes
$500,000 Total Project Budget | $50,000 Granted

Agraria Education Center for Regenerating Landscapes

Decades of conventional farming have robbed soils of their nutrients, made them more susceptible to drought and erosion and had a negative impact on water quality and human health, among other issues. Funds will be used to help The Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions construct an educational facility on a recently purchased 128-acre farm. The center will serve as a regional resource for education, training and research on regenerative land use practices.

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Susan Jennings, Executive Director, (937) 767-2161

Five Rivers MetroParks Foundation | Adventure Central Kitchen Renovation
$48,000 Total Project Budget | $50,000 Granted

Five Rivers

Adventure Central, a nationally recognized youth development program located in West Dayton, provides opportunities for school-age children to change their lives through building positive well-being and higher academic performance. Youth are engaged in a variety of free programs involving science, nature, citizenship, leadership, technology, healthy lifestyles and literacy. In addition, the Adventure Central staff and volunteers provide approximately 600 meals a week to its 220 participants. Funds will be used to expand the kitchen to better prepare and serve dinner during after-school programs and lunches and snacks during summer programs.

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Brock Anderson, III, Foundation President, (937) 277-4369

Miami Valley Community Action Partnership | Employment Legal Clinic
$737,190 Total Project Budget | $50,000 Granted

Miami Valley Community Action Partnership

In response to the national poverty epidemic that is rooted in the lack of employment opportunities, Miami Valley Community Action Partnership’s (MVCAP) Employment Legal Clinic helps to remove common barriers to employment and self-sufficiency, such as criminal history and lack of transportation. The Clinic provides one-on-one assistance to reinstate suspended driver’s licenses, secure driving privileges and seal criminal records for Montgomery County residents living on the economic margins. Funds will be used to help MVCAP expand its services to clients who have income at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, which accounts for more than 38 percent of Montgomery County residents.

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Cherish Cronmiller, President and CEO, (937) 341-5000

Miami Valley Fair Housing Center | Education and Outreach Programming
$255,348 Total Project Budget | $50,000 Granted

Miami Valley Fair Housing Center

Since 1993, The Miami Valley Fair Housing Center has enforced the provisions of the Fair Housing Act by working to eliminate discrimination and ensure equal housing opportunities for all people. Funds will be used to help the organization’s education and outreach programming to teach individuals their rights and housing professionals their responsibilities under the fair housing laws.

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Jim McCarthy, President/CEO, (937) 223-6035

Miami Valley Leadership Foundation | Career Life Mentoring
$102,110 Total Project Budget | $25,000 Granted

Miami Valley Leadership Foundation

The Miami Valley Leadership Foundation’s Career Life Mentoring program assists parents and community leaders in the design, development and management of a locally organized K-12 mentoring program. The program helps prepare students for future careers through a mentoring program that focuses on character development, career pathways exploration and career competencies development. Funds will be used to help the program expand to 14 schools in the 2018-19 school year with a total 180 students served.

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Randy Chesnut, Executive Director, (937) 479-6187

Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra | Percussion Purchase
$55,815 Total Project Budget | $13,953 Granted

Funds will be used to help the Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra (MVSO) purchase much-needed percussion instruments to expand its outreach into the community. As an all-volunteer group, it has become increasingly difficult to borrow or rent the instruments required to properly perform a wide range of repertoire at a professional level of musicianship. Owning the instruments will eliminate rental costs and allow the MVSO to continue to add free public performances each year.

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John Root, President, (937) 530-0515

Senior Resource Connection | HVAC Replacement at Commercial Kitchen Facility
$350,000 Total Project Budget | $75,000 Granted

Funds will be used to help the Senior Resource Connection purchase a new HVAC system for its commercial kitchen. To improve staff efficiency and better meet the growing needs of aging baby boomers, the entire HVAC system needs to be replaced. A new system will result in a significant reduction to current HVAC operating costs and eliminate the need for continuous maintenance. The cost savings will be put back into Senior Resource Connection programs.

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Chuck Komp, President, (937) 223-8249

Greenlight Grants

C A Group, Inc. | Darke County Expansion
$17,529 Total Project Budget | $3,070 Granted

CA Group, Inc., currently provides services to 20 people with disabilities in Darke County by helping them to find employment, recreation and other opportunities to lead full and active lives. CA Group is establishing a new office in Greenville to expand their services and to assist more individuals with disabilities. Funds will be used to purchase office supplies and furniture.

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Beth Butler, Executive Director, (419) 586-2137,

Clothes That Work | Inventory Warehouse Buildout
$6,680 Total Project Budget | $6,680 Granted

Clothes That Work

Since 1998, Clothes That Work has empowered more than 27,000 men, women and teens to secure and maintain employment by providing them with interview and workplace appropriate clothing and coaching services. In 2017, the organization processed over 154,000 items of clothing, not including shoes and accessories. Funds will be used to purchase additional fixtures and racks to stock these goods.

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Lynn Wood, Director of Development and Marketing,, (937) 222-3778

The Conscious Connect Redevelopment | House of Knowledge and Reading Parks
$12,500 Total Project Budget | $7,500 Granted

The Conscious Connect

Funds will be used to help The Conscious Connect, Inc., create Houses of Knowledge, or book distribution centers capable of holding 100-plus books and circulating up to 3,000 books annually. In addition, funds will support the construction of a Reading Park in Dayton’s Westwood neighborhood, with hopes of strengthening the neighborhood, sparking innovation and inspiring a love for reading by ensuring residents have access to high-quality literature in their own backyard.

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Karlos L. Marshall, Executive Director, (814) 384-9891,

Dayton Sewing Collaborative | Upgrade of Industrial Sewing Equipment
$6,300 Total Project Budget | $6,300 Granted

Dayton Sewing Collaborative (DSC) provides free workforce training development to help individuals obtain jobs and serves as a small business incubator in the industrial sewing field. Funds will be used to purchase new sewing equipment to replace current equipment that is more than 10 years old. The new machines will be similar to those used at local manufacturers, enabling DSC to better assist small business owners and train students on the latest technology used by local manufacturers.

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Brenda Rex, Director, (937) 689-0847,

Friends of Project Read | Book Collection Bins
$8,000 Total Project Budget | $6,300 Granted

Funds will be used to help Friends of Project READ purchase book collection bins to enhance and grow book collection efforts. Collected books support Friends of Project READ’s social enterprise (The Bookstore at Antiques Village) and online book sales in collaboration with Goodwill Easter Seals of Miami Valley, as well as fuel a robust book distribution program that provides thousands of books to children and families in need in the Dayton area.

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Laura Mlazovsky, Board Chair, (937) 512-3104

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County, Inc. | Improved Health and Safety at Homeless Shelter
$255,348 Total Project Budget | $50,000 Granted

Since 1995, Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County, Inc., has helped homeless families get back on their feet. In 2017 thirty five families were served, giving them access to programs such as Shelter and Meals, Counseling and Case Management, Client Training and Development, and Transportation. Funds will be used to purchase 12 bedbug-proof mattresses and replace 25 badly-worn dining room chairs to insure healthy sleeping accommodations and safe seating conditions in the dining room.

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Bill Mallernee, Executive Director, (937) 372-0705,

Wild Hearts Zoological Society dba Wild Hearts African Farm | Wild Hearts African Farm "STEAM" Learning Site for Youths
$255,348 Total Project Budget | $50,000 Granted

Wild Hearts "STEAM" Learning Site

Funding will be used to assist Wild Hearts African Farm in constructing a new learning site to include a pasture, livestock barn, and an outdoor classroom and lab area to promote STEAM activities. These facilities will offer distinct learning programs for local youth who may never have the resources to travel to distant places, as well as expose them to innovative learning programs designed to build skills, relationships and community service.

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Amanda Badger, President/CEO, (937) 416-5520,

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