Engaging Experienced Talent to Drive Social Change

Since 2016, the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative has been working with nonprofits in the Dayton Region to address significant, emerging issues. The focuses change each year, but have included children’s educational success; adult literacy; diversity and inclusion; and low income seniors’ access to healthcare.

Highly skilled older adults, the Fellows, are placed with Host Organizations which have recognized the value of experienced workers and applied to The Dayton Foundation to bring a Fellow into their leadership team to solve a critical community concern. The Fellows also work together to help change the conversation about aging, making presentations to civic and educational organizations about the Del Mar Initiative and the valuable resource represented by older adults in our community.

The Del Mar Encore Initiative is made possible by generous gifts from the Del Mar Healthcare Fund of The Dayton Foundation.

Del Mar Encore Fellows:

The Del Mar Encore Fellows receive an annual salary of $25,000 from The Dayton Foundation and work a part-time, flexible schedule of 21- 32 hours per week, for up to three years, depending on their project. They, in turn, recruit and train Encore Volunteers, highly skilled older adults who are interested in making their own meaningful contributions.

Del Mar Encore Volunteers:

A key component of the Del Mar Encore Initiative is the creation of meaningful, substantive and flexible volunteer opportunities for older adults. When retirement is on the horizon, many people think about how to give back, using skills and experience they’ve spent a lifetime developing.

Encore Volunteers work side-by-side with Del Mar Encore Fellows, researching community issues, creating new programs and participating in a variety of community initiatives.

More Information:

The Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative is modeled after the movement to tap the skills and experience of those in midlife and beyond to improve communities and the world. To learn more about this national movement, go

Read more about the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative, or learn about the national movement to tap the talent of older adults across the country.

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Noreen Willhelm

“Have a question about the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative? I can help.”
Noreen Willhelm, Senior Fellow, (937) 225-9949

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