Administrative Fees and Investment Policy

Administrative Fees

Community foundations like The Dayton Foundation are known for their low administrative fees on donors’ charitable funds.

There is no administrative fee charged for a Charitable Checking Account. Currently at The Dayton Foundation, administrative fees for endowed (long-term) funds range from 0.70 percent to 1.75 percent, depending upon the type of fund and its current market value. A minimum annual fee is charged for endowed funds with a market value of $50,000 or below. In addition, money managers will charge an additional fee ranging from 0.10 percent to 1.5 percent.

Investment Policy Highlights

Click here for The Dayton Foundation’s Statement of Investment Policy. This document is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat click here to download a free version.

We take seriously our role as a responsible steward of the funds that you entrust to our care. Your gift, no matter what its size, reflects your trust in our ability to invest resources wisely and to use the resources represented by your fund to carry out your charitable wishes.

The Dayton Foundation’s volunteer Finance Committee, comprised of members of leading financial and investment institutions and businesses, works with our professional staff to:

  • develop investment policies,
  • establish performance benchmarks and
  • continually evaluate investment performance.

The Dayton Foundation Governing Board has final oversight of investment policies and performance.

The Foundation also employs the Fund Evaluation Group for investment consulting and to provide third-party evaluation of investment performance on a quarterly basis.

Under the Finance Committee’s guidance, funds are invested with a balanced approach, incorporating equities, fixed income and cash. The goal is to provide for consistent long-term asset growth.

Most endowment funds are maintained and reported separately, but are pooled for investment purposes for optimal performance and cost effectiveness. We utilize more than 50 foundation-approved investment managers to invest donors’ funds.


Finance Committee

James M. Vaughn, vice president of Finance, Taylor Communications, chair

Rakesh Arora, CEO, CIC AMERICA Group of Companies

Craig J. Brown, retired treasurer, Standard Register Company

Ellen S. Ireland, community volunteer

William T. Lincoln, president, Berry Investment, Inc.

David T. Miller, retired vice president of Finance and CFO, Dayton Children’s,

Edmund H. Moore, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Ratna K. Palakodeti, M.D.,FAAFP, family physician, First Care Family Medical Center, and medical director, First Care AfterHours

Chris Shafer, former president and CEO, YSI Incorporated

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Steve Darnell

“For more information regarding our investment policy, contact me.”
Steve Darnell, vice president, Finance, at (937) 225-9969

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