Lend a Helping Hand

On this page, individuals can find reputable charities to contribute to during times of tragedy or disaster. See the latest sources below.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the families and the communities affected by the Gatlinburg Wildfires. For individuals who would like to provide aid to those in need, the following charitable organizations and funds have been established.

If you are a Dayton Foundation donor and use Donor Express, you may direct grants to the organizations listed below or to any other 501(c)(3) that is providing support. Please specify in the “Grant Purpose” section that your contribution is to be made for the organization’s appropriate fund. Other charitable individuals can make contributions through the websites as noted below.

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File date: 12.02.16


Diane Timmons

Have a question about awarding a grant from your fund or finding a charity that meets your charitable interests? We can help.”  
Diane Timmons, vice president, Grants and Programs, (937) 225-9966

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