Mission and Values

The mission of The Dayton Foundation is to empower others through philanthropy and community leadership.

Values/Core Beliefs:

  • Integrity - Act with honesty
  • Excellence - Do whatever it takes to ensure the highest level of quality
  • Service - Exceed expectations, keep promises, and focus on helpfulness
  • Teamwork - Work for the good of the whole
  • Financial Stewardship - Be accountable for exemplary fiscal stewardship
  • Inclusiveness - Embrace and appreciate individual differences
  • Transparency - Operate with openness
  • Collaboration - Partner in all we do
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File date: 03.07.19


Caryl Philips

“I like the idea my funds will be here long after I’m gone, that Foundation people who care about the community will take care of them in perpetuity. I like that we’re doing what people before us did, passing on something for the community’s future.” – Caryl Philips, Emeritus Governing Board Member and Foundation donor since 2001

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