These funds do not accept applications from nonprofit organizations. If you are a nonprofit seeking funding, please click here to learn about our discretionary grant application process.

East Dayton Housing Opportunities Fund – 1999 is set up to distribute annual funds for Christmas in April, Dayton, Inc., and for other activities in East Dayton. The East Dayton Housing Opportunities helps low- and moderate-income families, the elderly and individuals with disabilities obtain safe, affordable housing.

Ada Eby Memorial Fund – 1950 supports programs that educate people to avoid poverty and vice. The donor and her late husband, David Eby, were farmers of a 154-acre spread in Madison Township before their move to Oakwood in 1937.

The Eckstein Community Fund – 2014 perpetuates the charitable endeavors of Norm and Bobbie Eckstein by providing unrestricted income to The Dayton Foundation to enhance the quality of life in the Dayton Region through grantmaking.

The Oscar K. Edelman Fund – 1988 shares its income with 10 Dayton-area organizations. A member of the Eugene Debs Foundation and the Socialist Party, Oscar Edelman chose to use the Foundation to help him make a lasting contribution to his community.

Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation – 2006 was established by Jack and Sally Eichelberger, longtime Oakwood residents, to enhance the legal profession, the arts and the Greater Dayton community through the awarding of grants. Jack Eichelberger was a well-known Dayton attorney and real estate investor.

The H. Stanley and Shelomith D. Eichenauer Fund – 2011 supports organizations that serve individuals and families experiencing a mental illness or an addiction. Stanley Eichenauer retired as president and CEO of Eastway Corporation in 2000, then staffed the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health in Washington, D.C. He and his wife, Shelomith Eichenauer, were married from 1955 until her passing in 2013.

Eisert Family Fund – 2000 will perpetuate the donors' devotion to their church by providing unrestricted funds for the Campus Ministry at Wright State University and St. Peter Catholic Church.

Michael Emrick Scholarship Fund – 1988 serves to remember this friend and helpmate of Wright State University students with disabilities by providing scholarships and related assistance.

Engineering and Science Foundation of Dayton Fund – 1995 provides support for technical educational programs. These encourage and enhance opportunities for students in grades one through graduate school to enter and progress in careers in science, engineering and other technical fields. Many programs are offered through the Affiliate Societies Council, a program of the fund.

Evangelical United Brethren Heritage Center Endowment Fund – 2013 helps to encourage the study of the religious and ecclesiastical traditions that formed the Evangelical United Brethren Church. Grants will benefit the Heritage Center located at the United Theological Seminary.

Aaron and Ann Vennette Everhard Memorial Scholarship Fund – 2002 was established by Eleanora S. Everhard in memory of her parents. The fund financially assists students enrolled in the University of Dayton's Premedical Program.

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Jerry Tatar

“I am a big proponent of The Dayton Foundation, which makes sure every dollar is put to good use. They are in a unique position to understand the community’s greatest needs. I hope others will join me in establishing unrestricted funds to help the Foundation increase its ability to undertake important community projects.”
– Jerry F. Tatar, former Governing Board chair and Foundation donor since 2003.

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