Meet our 2016 #SpreadtheGood Ambassadors

Spread the Good Ambassadors

Meet our 2016 #SpreadtheGood Ambassadors! (Pictured left to right) Carolyn, Amanda, Yvonne, Paul, Libby, Fred, and the Got Veggies? Team. #SpreadtheGood Ambassadors are a unique group of individuals who care deeply about highlighting the good happening in Greater Dayton.

Throughout this year’s #SpreadtheGood campaign, these seven community enthusiasts will highlight weekly on Facebook and Twitter the good happening in our community in the areas of the arts, conservation, education, health, human services and public/society benefit.

Keep up with their stories of Greater Dayton good on social media by searching the hashtag #storiesofgood2016 on Facebook or Twitter and by visiting the Foundation’s Facebook page each week as we feature each ambassador’s passion to help others and move our community forward.

Learn more about our ambassadors and the local causes they support.

Libby Ballengee: Ambassador for the Arts

LibbyLibby Ballengee works passionately to bring together the various arts in the community for one common goal: to make Dayton, Ohio a vibrant destination for music and art lovers. She is a natural leader and helps others make seamless connections.

Carolyn Burns: Ambassador for Human Services

CarolynAfter a 28-year career, Carolyn left the corporate world in 2003, and a year later became a volunteer for the American Red Cross. Little did she know that helping others would become such a passion that 12 years later, she would be the Mass Care lead for the Dayton Area Chapter, partnering with other organizations in Dayton to provide disaster relief in my community. Carolyn believes that any disaster, whether fire, flood, or storm brings us all together, and that there is no greater satisfaction than helping someone who desperately needs it.

Amanda Davis: Ambassador for Human Services

AmandaAmanda Davis is local young professional that is passionate about helping others. She an advocate for Community Action Partnership and a Generation Dayton volunteer.

Fred Cox: Ambassador for Public/Society Benefit

FredFred Cox is a local young professional who is passionate about volunteering for civic causes within the Dayton region. He is an advocate for the Miami Valley Urban League Young Professionals and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and volunteer for Ohio Students Association.

Yvonne Dunphe: Ambassador for the Environment

YvonneYvonne is interested in many things and she believes learning is a lifelong pursuit. She is passionate about teaching others to protect and preserve our environment and she is firm believer in giving back and being involved the the community. Yvonne is a behaviorist and trainer, gardener, photographer, culinary enthusiast...educator at heart.

GotVeggies?: Ambassadors for Health

GotVeggies?Gotveggies? is a group of high school students who work to reduce food waste and hunger in Dayton. Weekly the members of the Gotveggies? team glean a farmer’s leftover/unsellable crops. They separate the good from the bad produce and organize it according to type. Once they have it separated and organized they deliver the fruits and veggies to Catholic Social Services Food Pantry.

Paul Labbe: Ambassadors for Education

PaulPaul is a mentor for the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Program and a passionate volunteer for several other educational organizations within the local Dayton region. He believes that volunteering not only allows him to make great connections with other educators and mentors, but he is also able to collaborate with others on best practices while gaining feedback on what is effective for the individual or team he is working with in the community.

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