Staff Listing

Meet our President Michael M. ParksMichael M. Parks

Eleanor Comyns, executive assistant to the president

Development and Donor Services

Michelle LovelyMichelle L. Lovely, vice president, Development and Donor Services
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Joe BaldasareJoseph B. Baldasare, chief development officer
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Jill Koorndyk, Development officer

Jessica Scarce, program coordinator

Kolita Hollins, Development Assistant

Deanna ZikiasDeanna Zikias, director, Donor Services
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Marie Arias, donor services assistant

Lucy Baker, donor services associate

Stephanie Goodstein, administrative assistant

Amber Johnson, grants program assistant

Alma J. Matthews, Charitable Checking Account Service associate

Michelle BrownMichelle Brown, director, Scholarship Services – (937) 225-9965
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Steve DarnellStephen D. Darnell, vice president, Finance
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Scott Asher, chief accountant

Tracie Boshears, senior staff accountant

Cassie Wheatcroft, accountant

Community Engagement

Barbra StonerockBarbra A. Stonerock, vice president, Community Engagement
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Tania Arseculeratne, community engagement officer

Carrie Dalrymple, community relations program officer

Marketing & Public Relations

Chris SmithChristine Smith, vice president, Marketing and Public Relations
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Holly-Kristina Averette, graduate assistant

Soteria C. Brown, public relations officer

Dawnn Fann, graduate assistant

Gina L. Sandoval, marketing and communications officer

Operations/Human Resources

Jeanne HolihanJeanne Holihan, vice president, Operations
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LaTonia McCaneLaTonia McCane, director, Human Resources
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Krista CaleyKrista Caley, director, Information Systems
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Regina A. Dixon, receptionist and administrative assistant

Karen Simmons, administrative assistant

Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program/Montgomery County Ohio College Promise

Patrick GillPatrick Gill, executive director
More about Montgomery County Ohio College Promise
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Jennifer L. Guanciale, program coordinator

Del Mar Encore Fellows Intitiative

Noreen WillhelmNoreen Willhelm, senior fellow
More about the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative
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Physicians Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley

Gerri SheehanGerri Sheehan, executive director
More about Physicians Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley
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The Disability Foundation

Greg DarlingGreg Darling, executive director
More about The Disability Foundation
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Jennifer A. Shinker, administrative assistant

Amie Violette, beneficiary coordinator

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Peter Kuntz

“If you haven’t talked to the people at The Dayton Foundation, you should. For me, the Foundation’s the best source of information locally.”
– Peter H. Kuntz, donor

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