Staff Listing

Michael M. Parks

Michael M. Parks, president
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Caitlin Botschner

Caitlin Botschner, executive assistant to the president
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Development and Donor Services

Michelle Lovely

Michelle L. Lovely, senior vice president, Development and Donor Services
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Joe Baldasare

Joseph B. Baldasare, chief development officer
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Victoria Sorg

Victoria Sorg, senior development director
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Kolita Hollins

Kolita Hollins, development coordinator
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Jill Koorndyk

Jill Koorndyk, director, Donor Services
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Lucy BAker

Lucy Baker, donor relations officer
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Mia Gilbert

Mia Gilbert, development assistant
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Stephanie Goodstein

Stephanie Goodstein, administrative assistant
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Laura Hart

Laura Hart, donor services associate
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Casey Hubbell

Casey Hubbell, donor services associate
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Alma Matthews

Alma J. Matthews, Charitable Checking Account Service associate
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Alexis Norman

Alexis Norman, donor services associate
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Amber Smith

Amber Smith, donor services team lead
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Michelle Brown

Michelle L. Brown, director, scholarship services
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Steve Darnell

Stephen D. Darnell, vice president, Finance
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Scott Asher

Scott Asher, senior director, accounting
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Tracie Boshears

Tracie Boshears, senior staff accountant
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Community Engagement

Barbra Stonerock

Barbra A. Stonerock, vice president, Community Engagement
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Tania Arseculeratne

Tania Arseculeratne, community engagement officer
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Karen Gruenberg

Karen Gruenberg, community engagement assistant
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Marketing & Public Relations

Chris Smith

Christine Smith, vice president, Marketing and Public Relations
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Soteria Brown

Soteria C. Brown, senior public relations officer
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Gina Sandoval

Gina L. Sandoval, senior manager, marketing and communications
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Operations/Human Resources

Jeanne Holihan

Jeanne Holihan, senior vice president, Operations
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Krista Caley

Krista Caley, senior director, information systems
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Regina Dixon

Regina A. Dixon, receptionist and administrative assistant
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Karen Simmons

Karen Simmons, administrative assistant
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Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program/Montgomery County Ohio College Promise

Del Mar Encore Fellows Intitiative

Physicians Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley

The Disability Foundation

Greg Darling

Amie Violette, beneficiary coordinator
» More about Amie

Jennifer Shinker

Jennifer A. Shinker, administrative assistant

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File date: 08.04.22


Virginia Toulmin

“I think the world of Mike Parks and the staff of The Dayton Foundation, and I know that they will use our fund’s charitable dollars wisely. I’m so glad to be doing this for the community that was so good to my husband, Harry, and me.”
– Virginia B. Toulmin, who passed away in 2010 and who will be long remembered as a treasured Dayton Foundation donor

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